Replacing taillight assemblies with LED's

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1.jpg (35152 bytes)The old lights were always getting corroded and not working. I was always having to remove the bulbs and clean the sockets. I tried silicone grease but that didn't help.

3.jpg (32532 bytes)The old lights were individual units that had a gap between them.  This allowed water to leak into the rear compartment.
4.jpg (24446 bytes)This what it looks like with the old units removed.

5.jpg (29393 bytes)I cut the old wires and crimped on the new wires filling the fittings with silicone to make the joint waterproof.  The wires in the Trek were already printed with a label showing what they are.

The new units are a Bargman #47-84-104.  I bought them from  They were $61.35 each plus shipping.

This shows everything ready to screw in place.
6.jpg (30684 bytes)This is the completed view.  The new fixture is one piece and has a flange all around to seal the opening.  No more leaks!!!