The Adventures of Platy and the Gang
2002 volume 1

This year’s trip started on April 9. The destination was Choestoe Resort where we met Dick & Debbie and John & Jane. D&D bought a lot there and we rented the one next door. J&J rented a cabin near-by.

We hiked and “treasure hunted”. It’s called geo-caching. Someone has hidden a container in the woods and posted its’ location on the web. You find it using a handheld GPS. John found the first one. Inside are things left by other people. You can take anything but must leave something in its place. We took a pack of batteries and left a CD game.

We went to the “Bear in the Square” festival in Dahlonega, Ga., had lunch and shopped for koi at Wet-Pets. These were $3500 each. We didn’t buy any.
We added 2 new members to the Gang. They were presents from John and Jane. Thei names are Spike and Teeny. Spike sings and dances.
We worked a couple of days putting mulch and rocks around the trees and building a fire ring.
We hiked to several waterfalls and visited a zoo and spent a day shopping in Helen.
Since we had a couple of extra days before we could check-in in Virginia, we decided to stay at
We hiked the trails and visited the Foxfire Center and Museum.
Visitors to the Foxfire Center will receive a rare glimpse of what life was like for the mountaineers who settled this area over 150 years ago. It is a collection of historic log cabins and replications of traditional log construction designs. The Center has a collection of over twenty buildings dating as far back as the early 1800’s.
Next stop is Grayson Highlands State Park, Va., the home of the wild and vicious ponies. Platy enjoyed the scenic overlooks along the way.

There are vicious cows too. We will be here until Thursday and then will move to Damascus, Va. for 4 days for Trail Days. Then on to Vermont.
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