The Adventures of Platy and the Gang
2002 volume 12
Aug 28, 2002

Mt Ste Louis
On 8/22 we moved to Mont Sainte Louis. This is where we had stopped before at the "Internet Cafe". The campground is owned by the city and is situated on a raised peninsula overlooking the harbor and the town. The good thing was the view. The bad thing was that the wind never stopped blowing. Darcy didn't get much sleep because her tent kept trying to fly.
While we were there we saw whales spouting offshore. Platy wanted to ride one. Since he doesn't like to get wet, this was the next best thing.
The terrain in this area offers a wide variety of hiking. In this picture they started the day walking through a field. Then they came to a stream where they had to wade through water above their knees because the bridge had been washed-out by recent rains. They then climbed straight up the mountain in the background using a rope provided for them..
Another day they started hiking down the road past this church and then on to the beach for 4 miles. Then they went across the road and up the mountain again.
I hiked in to meet them just in time to catch them crossing a small stream on a bog bridge. When Judy stepped off she was in ankle deep mud. I think I see where they got the names Mud Puppy and Pig Pen

I had to drive 4 miles back a road that showed as a good road on the map but was single lane dirt and gravel with large ruts. I passed only people on ATV's who looked at me funny as I drove by. I had to drive up and back 3 times. Once to find if I could reach the trail crossing, once to pick them up and once to drop them off the next day.
On 8/24 we moved to Grande Vallee for 2 days. The campground is nice but the girls have nicknamed the lady owner "Brunhilde". She chewed them out in French because the door to the laundry was left open while they were there. When they said they didn't understand a word she said she yelled that they were letting the mosquitos in. If she would have asked she would have found out that they hadn't opened it. The campground is right on the beach toward the top of the picture. The trail goes along the beach right in front of it.
The next town we moved to was L'Anse-a-Valleau. Don't ask me how to pronounce it or what it means. The Motel-Restaurant-Campground is located on the mountain above the town. The views were great. The trail is along the beach at the top left of the picture, enters the town at the harbor and then climbs up to the Campground at the bottom right.
They didn't like the beach walks. The rocks are large and loose which makes for bad footing. There is also stinky kelp which is slippery. Ask Darcy, she fell. We now call her "Rocky".
We ate in the restaurant. The day before we arrived I had stopped to check the place out. The lady spoke English and said she would accommodate my low fat and Darcy's vegetarian diets. When we arrived she wasn't there and no one spoke English. We got out the dictionary and with sign language ended up with a great meal. I had poached salmon with wild rice and Darcy had a baked rice with cheese and veggies. Judy had a cheeseburger with French onion soup.
There are many lighhouses along the way. The one on the left is Fame Point which is the site of the first maritime radio station in North America. The other lighthouse is at Cap-des Rosiers.
On one of my scouting trips I was able to find 'Reese's Pieces' for the first time in Quebec.
tomorrow they will start hiking into Forillon Park. Just 2 days left.
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