The Adventures of Platy and the Gang
2002 volume 5

The Long Trail is Complete
Today she finished the trail.
She ended at the parking lot on River Rd. just below I-89. The last section was over Camel's Hump. She didn't like having to rock climb over the top. This is a picture of Camel's Hump from the road about 10 miles away. The top is 4083'.
On the way to pick her up, I passed Huntington Gorge. Not Knowing what it was, I stopped to explore. It's an place where the river drops about 50' thru a narrow gorge. These idiots were diving into an area only about 10' wide and about 60' down.

Tomorrow we will head out for Maine and the International Appalachian Trail. We have 10 days until our reservations in Medway, ME.

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