The Adventures of Platy and the Gang
2003 volume 1

We left Florida April 23rd and traveled to Northern Georgia so that Judy could finish the Benton McKaye Trail. She had hiked a portion of it 2 years ago as part of the Eastern Continental Trail and wanted to complete the rest. This picture is at the beginning of the McKaye Trail where it joins the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain.
Every morning I would drive back a Forest Service Road and drop her off and then drive somewhere else to pick her up.
I met her at Dyer Gap for lunch one day and drove her to another spot to hike another section. She did this to even out the distance hiked each day. If we hadn't done this she would have a 20 mile day and 4 the next.
This is the Dyer Family Cemetery located at the gap.
And yes I hiked some too. I hiked up Flat Top Mountain to meet her. It's about an 800 foot climb in 1.5 miles.
The northern end of the trail is at a TVA power plant on the Ocoee River. The water is piped 5 miles from the dam and runs down the pipe in the background.
This is one of the Forest Service roads I had to travel. This one was 4 miles back to the trail. To the left of the car is a steep drop-off. They also put dips in the road to allow for drainage. You have to drive slow and careful so as not to drag the front of the car.
This is the site of the 1996 Olympic kayak competition. They reconstructed the bed of the river to narrow it and built a multimillion-dollar complex around it. They now release water from the dam upstream on the weekends for rafting and kayaking.
This has been our campsite for the last week. It's along a creek in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We are leaving today for Natchez, Mississippi and the Natchez Trace.

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