2008 Pennsylvania


We arrived in Darlington, Pennsylvania on 6/17.

  2008-41.jpg (61217 bytes)The trail crosses the Ohio border and goes into the woods at State Game Lands 285.
2008-42.jpg (61333 bytes)

 It must not get used much because it was overgrown.  That's the trail to the left of the sign.
2008-50.jpg (60239 bytes) She actually hiked this section backwards (towards Ohio).  You can see the high grass in this picture.

2008-48.jpg (59274 bytes)2008-49.jpg (34656 bytes)The next section was biking the road.  She again started at the east end. The roads weren't marked well on the map so I drove ahead and waited for her at each intersection.  This tree was along the way.  We called it the "elf tree".  They have hollowed it out for a shelter for the kids waiting for the school bus in the winter.

2008-44.jpg (43146 bytes) 2008-43.jpg (62162 bytes) The next section was better trail.  It started on private property going around this field.  I hiked in from a parking area and took this shot.
2008-45.jpg (31747 bytes) It was then some more road walk through the town of  Wampum. 
On Friday we moved to Rose Point Park east of New Castle.  That day I developed a urinary infection.  Going to the bathroom every 15 minutes led to a sleepless night for both of us.  The next morning I asked in the office if there was a clinic open on Saturday.  Of course there was none so I ended up at the emergency room.  We haven't gotten the bill yet but I guess it will be several hundred dollars to get the $13 antibiotic prescription I needed.  Isn't our medical system wonderful?  Two days later and the infection is all gone.

In the mean time Judy has grown tired of hiking alone.  She has been  hiking now for two months, six of them by herself.  We were supposed to meet Adele and John at Cook State Park in late July but will instead we will visit them for a few days near Harrisburg next week.   We will then go to Grayson Highlands a month early.

Some have asked "how many miles has she hiked on all the trails?"  Well here it is:

Mileage Hiked
North Dakota 427
Minnesota 736 (40 miles left)
Wisconsin 186
Michigan-UP 509
Michigan- Lower 545
Pennsylvania 20
Total NCT 2422
Key West Road Walk 175
Florida Trail 1100
Alabama Road Walks 190
Pinhoti Trail 295
Benton MacKaye Trail 65
Appalachian  Trail 2150
International Appalachian  Trail 670
Total ECT 4645
Long Trail (balance) 170
Centennial Trail 111
Grand Total 7348 Miles       

And it all started at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail in 1992. 












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