Grayson Highlands


We arrived at Grayson the last week in June and stayed until the last week in October.  Instead of writing a  lot of words I decided to just create a few photo albums to show what happened during our stay.

We left Grayson a couple of days ahead of schedule.  It got to 24 degrees with wind gusts of 52 MPH on 10/28.  They winterized the campground the next day.  The campground was closed, the gates were locked and we had no campers.  We spent the last night alone in the CG being buffeted by high winds.  When I tried to remove the sewer hose it was so cold it broke into two pieces.  It was time to leave!!!


Haunted Hayride



Staff Lunch


Monkey rescue?

Staff and misc.


Music Pictures

Music video #1

Music video #2

Fall Festival

Fall colors



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