2009 North Country Trail
  in  Pennsylvania

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001.JPG (57114 bytes)We arrived in Pennsylvania on 5/3 and stayed at Rose Point Campground where we left off last year.  Adele and John arrived the next day and the hiking started on 5/5 in Wampum, PA.  

The trail was in good shape and because it was early in the season there weren't many bugs nor undergrowth to contend with. 002.JPG (63276 bytes)003.JPG (70483 bytes) 
 004.JPG (31499 bytes)Of course Judy biked whenever there was a road walk section.

McConnels.jpg (41062 bytes)This area included McConnells Mill State Park  and Moraine State Park and had pretty good trail.  005.JPG (36361 bytes)

Adele had to return home and Judy had some road sections to do before reaching  the Allegheny National Forest.

007.JPG (59055 bytes)012.JPG (79620 bytes)Let's talk about bridges a bit...   There are several types of bridges you can encounter o the trail.  Nicely built wooden bridges like the one on the left and some not so nice like the one on the right.  
008.JPG (60046 bytes)
As you can see from the next picture it was definitely in need of some help after a tree fell on it. 009.JPG (56840 bytes)

Sometimes they are just above the water level.
 019.jpg (53900 bytes)

 And sometimes just below water level.015.JPG (70661 bytes) 

Sometimes there's no bridge at all.


017.jpg (56000 bytes)Adele returned for a few more days to hike in the Allegheny National Forest.  They expected the trail to be nice in this area.  WRONG!!  It was as if the trail had been built a few years ago and then forgotten .  I hiked in to meet them one day.  As the left picture shows,  The trail was half way decent when I started.  After about a mile I came to an area where I lost the trail twice, and I had a GPS.  After about another 1/2 mile they finally contacted me by cell phone.  I waited and they finally met me.018.jpg (55023 bytes)

They had been in saplings, under growth and blow downs for miles.  Blazes were very widely spaced and if the tree it was on had fallen or you missed one, you were "lost" and had to search to find the trail.  This made for slow and perplexing hiking.
021.jpg (39407 bytes)020.jpg (41489 bytes)I took a couple of pictures of interesting blazes along the trail.  One was hanging from a twig and the other was wedged in the fork of a tree.
006.JPG (44631 bytes)Adele left again after a couple of days.  Judy tried hiking but became frustrated by the trail conditions.  She decided to bike around some trail sections.  Especially after we read a report about a couple of hikers and their dogs that a few days before had to be rescued in one of the sections after losing the trail and getting lost.  They made their way to the lake shore, started a fire and were found by the fire department rescue boat.    016.jpg (56686 bytes)

She arrived at the New York State border on 5/29,  completing the 300 miles in Pennsylvania.

We then moved to the eastern end of the trail at the Vermont border and will work our way back west.  The eastern end of the trail through the Adirondack Park has no trail and is entirely on roads so she will be biking this 148 miles.

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