2009 Virginia

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On 7/21 we arrived at Grayson Highlands State Park.  We were supposed to be here in August but we decided to quit hiking a little early.  We checked with the park and they said they had plenty of work for us.

  One of our projects was to install a web cam for the Friends of Grayson web site.   We put it at the Park office and pointed it to look over the valley.

You can see  the current picture here.

05.jpg (38170 bytes)
04.jpg (51743 bytes)One of our other jobs was working in the country store. Judy was a little chilly this day.  We also worked in the contact station.

08.jpg (71607 bytes)07.jpg (63085 bytes)John and Jane Canfield also stopped in for a few days and we had to do the Creeper Trail again.

We also did some trail maintenance on Wilson Creek Trail.
03.jpg (44997 bytes)06.jpg (43566 bytes) We enjoyed the music and the other "hard working" hosts until  7/8 when we left for Chippokes State Park on the other side of Virginia.  


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