Hiking on the Florida Trail-- 2010

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FT2On 2/14 we traveled to Northern Florida to join Joan Hobson on her third time hiking the Florida Trail.  Judy had thru hiked this trail with her in 2000 and then the western loop around Orlando in 2005 on her second hike.  Jerry Groebe joined the group at the Suwanee River State Park for our base camp.  The temperature was in the low 30's at night and there had been a lot of rain.
FT3Ft4There was some sections that I had to drive back sand roads to pick them up so that they didn't have to carry full packs and tent out. Notice the no trespassing sign behind Jerry. On their first day the Withlacoochee River was over it's banks and over the trail.  They had to detour out and walk around the area.
FT5FT6The combination of lots of rain and sand roads did not make for easy access.  I took the car in some places when I shouldn't have. I tore two panels from under the car by going through the water too fast.  One of them came completely off and one had to be wire tied up to keep it from rubbing the front wheel.
FTFTMost of the trail was through areas where the roads were private and gated. I was able to open one gate, go through a cattle herd and get in.  Other places the sand was too soft and I had to turn back.FT
FTFTBecause of the high water on the Ecofina and Aucilla Rivers, portions of the trail were closed and they had to road walk to Route 98 and the end of this trip.

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