Chippokes Plantation 2010

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We left Florida on 3/21 and arrived at Chippokes Plantation State Park two days later. We worked on numerous projects during the next 6 weeks. Among them were:
Gift shop beforegift shop afterThe paint on the back of the gift shop was peeling badly.  We scraped, primed and painted it so it would be ready for Easter weekend.
cartcartOur big project for the month was to enclose the carts so that the volunteers could stay dry and warm.  A windshield was added to the Gator and backs and roll up sides to all three.  The Friends of Chippokes paid for all the materials.cart
 fence crew When we arrived Ray and Kyle Clements were building the fence next to the shed that we had built last fall.  We helped them and Ron finish the gates and final touches.  (Click on the picture for a slide show of the project.)
poolJane and John Canfield arrived during April.  Jane helped Judy on "trash patrol" along the highway while John tried to drive himself crazy working on the lobby computer.  It was finally a success after many days of touch and go.  John finally succeeded and there is now a public access computer in the lobby that is safe guarded from going anywhere on the Web that is not acceptable to the Park.  We also created a Wi-Fi hotspot in the lobby and a continuous slide show of park pictures on the big screen TV.  John also helped replace some defective equipment at the pool.

canoe tripWhile Jane and John were here we all took the opportunity to go on one of the parks canoe trips.(A slide show can be seen by clicking on the picture on the left.)  This was their first time in a canoe and they didn't tip over once.  We all had a great time.
donkey alpacaA miracle happened during our stay.  Jenny, the donkey, had a little donkey.  No one knew she was expecting and her corral mate, Jack, has been neutered.  The people at Farm and Forestry  named him Jesus for obvious reasons. The picture is not very good.  She wouldn't let anyone near her and I only had my cell phone.  Farm and Forestry also had an alpaca and goat shearing party.  Click on the alpaca to see more.

LunchIt was a sad period for the Park.  Daniel White, the park manager, accepted a new position and left the park.  He is now the Director of Parks and Recreation for Surry County in North Carolina. In appreciation for all his help and friendship a lunch was held for him, Jennifer and especially Emma.Emma  (A slide show can be seen by clicking on the picture on the left.)
dinnerdinnerJust before all the volunteers left for the month we all ate dinner at La Hacienda Restaurant. In addition to the volunteers( Doug & Kathy, John & Jane, Carol, Bob & Judy, and the Oberg family)  Kathy and Shirley from the park along with Abby, Heidi and John were there. 
JohnShirleySince it was John's prom night we got to see him all dressed up.

We left the park on 5/2 headed for Ohio and the North Country Trail.

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