Florida 2011

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We spent most of the winter getting things ready for the Virginia House.  We knew we would need a truck for our many trips to Lowes for materials needed for the remodeling so we bought a small pickup.  We also bought a cap for the bed to protect the things we would be moving from Florida in the spring.  This trip it would be mostly tools. 
For the trip north, I drove the motorhome towing the Scion and Judy drove the pickup filled with tools.  We took 3 days to drive the 900 miles to Virginia.

We searched the thrift shops  looking for furniture and found a chaise that Judy liked.  It was badly stained but otherwise in good shape and cheap.  I reupholstered it and it will go in the bedroom.
We had a pair of chairs that were in need of redoing so they were also reupholstered and footstools made to match.  They will go in the living room.
While I had the equipment set up we decided to redo the 2 barrel chairs in the motorhome and the 2 dining chairs.  After 10 years of use they were getting pretty bad looking.

On to Virginia

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