Elephants & the New England Trail 2024

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A group of us (Noel & Laurie, Jim & Cheri, and us) made the trip to Solomon's Castle  for Lunch and a tour. Everyone had a good time and ate too much.

Lions and Tigers

A group of us went to the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary.

 Luckily no one was injured or eaten. 
Afterward we all had lunch at The Cracker Shack Cafe.



Washing Elephants 

Judy decided that we needed to wash an elephant because we had never done it before.  We had to get reservations months ahead and it's not cheap.  The first task was to prepare their breakfast.

I think it liked her earring.  

She got to wash the butt end and I got the front.  I think we did a good job but when they returned it back outside the first thing it did was throw dirt all over it's back.  What a waste!!!  

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Judy decided she wanted to continue her hike on the New England Trail. She had started it in 2022 but was unable to finish it at that time. You can see those adventures HERE.

The trip took 4 days of driving and we arrived at our destination campground on 6/2. It's Little City Campground in Higganum, CT. Out in the middle of nowhere but is very quiet.  Very few people during the week.

Judy started hiking on 6/3. It was a 4.3 mile section she had skipped in 2022. she expected to complete it in 2 hours but took 3. It was pretty difficult over a couple of mountains.

On this day she had a choice of taking the longer less steep route or the shorter steeper route.  Guess which one she took???   When she came out look at the blood running down her leg.