Hiking in New York

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starttrailWe arrived at the Elkdale RV Resort in Salamanca, NY on 8/12 and Judy began hiking the next day.  She had hiked to the New York border last year.  It's about a mile north of the trail head in Pennsylvania so she had to hike in again to reach the starting point.  The trail at that point goes from the Alleghany National Forest in Pennsylvania  through the Allegany State Park in New York.
Jerry Groebe arrived from Michigan and joined the hike on 8/16.  Judy really appreciates having a partner to talk to and help on those rare occasions where she might get "directionally confused" for a moment.

bridgecorn fieldThe trail has some interesting places.  The picture on the left is the yard of Tom Hook.  He has built a bridge so that hikers don't have to ford the creek and get their feet wet.  He's put a register there and has also built a gazebo where you can rest a while.  He enjoys meeting and talking to the hikers.  He even mentioned that he met Nimblewill Nomad last year on his through hike.
The right hand picture is a first time for Judy.  In all of her hiking she doesn't remember going through a corn field.  Around one maybe and definitely through sod farms but not directly through one.
On 8/19 we moved to Four Winds Campground in Portageville, NY.  This is a waterfall just down the road.

balloonballoonOne evening we were all sitting outside when we kept hearing a loud whooshing sound.  I thought it was coming from the bathhouse next door until I saw people in the road in front of the motor home pointing up at the sky.  I went over to look and saw a balloon not 50 feet over us.  He kept lighting the burner and skimmed right over the trees.  We then saw another one through the trees behind us in an open field and it was landing. 
logoJerry and I went over and watched them deflate and pack it up.  They were from Balloons over Letchworth.
 Letchworth State Park
is a few miles away and this company gives rides over the park.  We stayed there in 2000 and it's a great park often called the Grand Canyon of New York.

On 8/24 we moved to Sun Valley Campsites in Arkport, NY.  After a day or two of hiking alone Judy decided she had enough and we are now headed to North Carolina.

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