Hiking in New York 2011

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We arrived in at Sun Valley Campsites in Arkport, NY on 5/9 for Judy to finish hiking the North Country Trail.  She has approx 140 miles to go to complete the entire trail from North Dakota to Vermont. 
We met up with Ray and Kyle Clements who had arrived the day before.  They were volunteers we worked with at Chippokes State Park last year. 
There a two pieces of trail left,  the western section is about 100 miles and the other is 40 miles.  The weather the first few days was beautiful, clear and in the 60's.  But then the forecast changed to 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms every day for a week.  Luckily the weatherman wasn't to accurate.  They were able to hike in the mornings and we only had drizzle in the afternoons for the first two days.
On Sunday, 5/15 we moved further east to Campers Haven Campground in Bath, NY.  It rained that day so after moving we had lunch in Hammondsport and went wine tasting at Bully Hill Vineyards.

Hiking resumed on Monday 5/16 in a break in the rain.

Some of the creeks were a little high and there were very few bridges.  The result was wet feet. 
They found some strange structures in one section that were either Indian,  hippie, or unknown in origin.
The stone in the center has symbols for love, peace and happiness and the logs make a large peace symbol.  The hiking guide has nothing about it so it's a mystery.
On 5/19 we moved to the municipal campground in Watkins Glen for a couple of days of touristing and rest.  Of course we had to hike the Glen.
On 5/21 we arrived at Country Hills CG in Marathon, NY and hiking started on the last section.

Judy completed the North Country Trail with Ray on 5/24.  She started in on April  23,2005 in North Dakota with Adele.
Click on the map below to view the history of her hiking on the NCT.  

Some have asked "how many miles has she hiked on all the trails?"  Well here it is:

Mileage Hiked  

Trails Page
North Country Trail   4600  
Key West Road Walk 175  
Florida Trail 1100  
Alabama Road Walks 190  
Pinhoti Trail 295  
Benton MacKaye Trail 65  
Appalachian  Trail 2150  
International Appalachian  Trail 670  
Total Eastern Continental Trail   4645  
Long Trail (balance)   170  
Centennial Trail   111  
Grand Total   9526  

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